What is eduroam?

“Eduroam is an acronym for Education Roaming. It is IT infrastructure necessary for the transparent use of university and other educational institution networks. The idea was conceived at TERENA (Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association)."[1]

The eduroam structure provides network roaming to members of an association who use the technology. To put it simply: A user has one account (in his/her home network) and this account authorizes him/her to use the wireless network of any other project member. In other words, you only need one username and password to connect to any eduroam network.

Connection conditions

The rules for using the eduroam network are defined by the roaming policy of the network. Users have the following obligations:

Eduroam at BIOCEV

At the moment, BIOCEV is only working as a service provider. It does not provide users with login information enabling them to connect to the eduroam network. All institutions involved in the BIOCEV project issue login information to eduroam for their users.


Eduroam is available in all BIOCEV buildings.


Technical Parameters

The eduroam name and logo are a registered trademark of TERENA.